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Primary Care Clinic

The Primary Care Clinic is designed to assist Spindletop clients with an illness or injury that does not seem to be life-threatening. The major focus is to provide annual physicals and the screening and monitoring of diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Walk-ins are Welcome Tuesday and Wednesday  8:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. We are located at 2750 South 8th Street in Building D Beaumont, Texas 77701.  
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Positive Alternatives Counseling

Sometimes the best way to combat stress is to catch problems before they turn into bigger issues. Here at the Spindletop Center, we can help you with the difficulties so you can stay in control at home and at work. Our counseling services include; anger management, marriage counseling, family counseling, anxiety disorders and much more. The initial visit is free, and each additional visit is $5.00. We accept most insurance. Let our mental health professionals help you overcome your mental barriers by calling 409-839-1096 today View our Brochure

Mental Health Fitness Program

An initial visit includes an individualized fitness and healthy lifestyle assessment.  Weekly meetings with the “Health Mentors,”  a certified trainer who assist with developing an INSHAPE fitness plan consisting of wellness goals and behaviorally specified healthy eating and exercise objectives.  This plan also includes a membership to a local fitness center, group health educational and motivational “celebrations”, and class exercise and healthy eating activities. We are located at 2750 South 8th Street in Building D Beaumont, Texas 77701.  409-839-1096 View our Brochure

Mental Health Services

Outpatient, psychiatric and community support services are the most widely used mental health services offered by Spindletop Center. These services assist adults and children throughout the four-county catchment area who suffer with severe problems ranging from Schizophrenia, Major Depression and Bipolar Disorder Outpatient therapy allows individuals to work through their symptoms of depression. For many individuals a more supportive type of mental health help is needed. Community support services and skills training are provided up to 10 hours a month in the home, school or other appropriate settings. The center serves children and adolescents who have serious emotional and behavioral problems that cause significant disruption in their lives. The target population ranges in ages from 3 to 17. For children and adolescents who need more intensive services, staff offer social, emotional, and behavioral skills training by Community Support Service Providers in the consumer's home and school environment.  

Suicide Prevention Services

Suicide occurs when a person ends his or her life. It is the 10th leading cause of death among Americans. In Texas in 2012, more than 3,000 people died by suicide.  But suicide deaths are only part of the problem. Suicide attempts impact a larger population—more individuals survive suicide attempts than die.  

​Spindletop  Center  in partnership with the Department of State Health Services participates in the Texas state suicide prevention plan called ZEST (Zero Suicide Texas)  We offer trainings on mental health issues for children and adults, how to identify signs of suicide and get help,  and  how to intervene when a person is considering suicide.   Spindletop Center suicide prevention program provides outreach, support and community collaboration along with partners from Southeast Texas Suicide Prevention Coalition. 
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Crisis, Screening & Assessment Services

The Intake and Crisis Services program is designed to provide a single point of entry for consumers into Spindletop Center in order to assure rapid and consistent access to crisis and on-going Center services. The program focuses on providing telephone and face to face crisis screening, supplying resolution and comprehensive intake assessments to determine eligibility for center services, developing individualized treatment/service plans and making referrals for internal and external services, as appropriate. We are located at 2750 South 8th Street in Building A Beaumont, Texas 77701. 
409-839-1063 What a person must bring to a Spindletop Center Intake Appointment.

Substance Abuse Services

​The Spindletop Center Substance Abuse treatment programs provide outpatient services. Treatment includes individual, group and family counseling along with aftercare, relapse prevention, education and support groups. Mental Health services are offered for the dual diagnosed clients.  
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Community Services

​Community Services is composed of seven individualized programs which provide a continuum of services. The programs are targeted toward serving the most vulnerable, at risk consumers who often lack the ability to meet their basic needs. The program provides access to medical, social, educational and other appropriate services that help improve quality of life. All of the programs are available in Jefferson, Orange, Hardin and Chambers counties.

Supported Employment Services

Supported Employment Services are employment services designed to assist people who want to go back to work. Skill training is provided to teach people how to obtain and maintain employment: completing and submitting applications, resume building, interviewing, accessing employment resources, accessing transportation, building natural supports, matching  jobs to the individual’s interests and skill set; ongoing supports are provided as well. Services are accessed through referrals made by the individuals’ caseworker. 
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Mental Health Peer Recovery Support Services Program

Spindletop’s Peer Recovery Support Services Program is designed to assist individuals that have experienced substance use and/or mental health disorders become healthy productive citizens. By helping them navigate through the systems of care that are most critical to their wellbeing. These systems include stable housing, gainful employment, primary healthcare service, mental health and substance use counseling and other services on an as needed basis. Recovery Coaches act as a guide by providing mentoring and coaching services to Participants, spouses, their children and other significant members of their recovery support system. Recovery Coaches are linked to professionals who also play an important role in the recovery process by providing clinical treatment and other specialized services that support individuals in their chosen recovery process. 
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D.O.T Program Assessment & Evaluation

NAADAC Certified Substance Abuse Professional will provide a D.O.T. approved comprehensive assessment and clinical evaluation to determine what level of care the client needs in resolving problems associated with alcohol and/or prohibited drug use, as well as possible mental illness. Any appropriate referrals will be made at this time. A printed copy of the assessment will be immediately available. The Drug Awareness Program consists of confidential counseling sessions and substance abuse group education with a qualified accredited counselor. A Certificate of Completion will be awarded after successfully completing the D.O.T. program. For more information call (409) 839-1033 

Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Services

Spindletop Center provides assistance to people of all ages with intellectual and developmental disabilities. We provide an array of services that can help people improve their quality of life. Services include offering help in the areas of accessing medical, social, educational, and other appropriate services and life skills training.   409-784-5481.

Community Behavioral Crisis Services

What is a Behavioral Crisis? A Behavioral Crisis is a circumstance in which a person who has an Intellectual or a Developmental Disability (conditions such as Down Syndrome that lead to slower mental processing) exhibits behavior that signals that the person presents an immediate danger to himself or others and all other attempts to manage that person’s behavior within a reasonable period of time have failed, or a circumstance in which one’s immediate placement is in jeopardy as a result of the risk associated with that individual’s behavior at that time. 

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Consumer Benefits 

Consumer Benefits provides to Spindletop Consumers:
        •    Assistance with disability application process including representation at a hearing
        •    Application assistance with Medicaid and Food Stamps
        •    Navigator assistance with application and enrollment to the Health Insurance through the Marketplace or "Obamacare"
        •    Benefits Counseling for returning to work while on disability and how this might affect your monthly payments and insurance
        •    Applications to get Medicare premiums covered

Contact Consumer Benefits to schedule an appointment: 409-839-1015


Early Childhood Intervention

Early Childhood Intervention (ECI) offers family-centered community-based services and supports to families and their children birth to three year who have developmental delays, a medical condition that is likely to result in a delay or who have atypical development, including serious vision and/or hearing impairments.
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Hurricane Update

Hurricane Update Line 1-800-693-3131 
The Center will follow the lead of the Jefferson County offices with respect to closing the Center during hurricanes. 

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