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Spindletop Center in Beaumont

Our Mission Statement
Our mission is to help people help themselves by providing resources and supports.

Our Vision Statement
Our vision is to ensure access to high quality, professional, respectful, and cost effective services in a supportive, consumer-centered environment as well as to promote independence, self-advocacy, recovery, and enhanced quality of life through the development of a comprehensive network of providers.

Our Values​
We value all persons and treat them with dignity and respect.We develop services responsive to the needs, values, and desires of consumers and other stakeholders.We value and respect families for the important role they play in the effective treatment and delivery of services to consumers. We embrace self-advocacy as a means of independence.We measure the success of services by the outcomes of each consumer. We motivate and empower staff to accomplish the work of the Center with confidence and pride by valuing and respecting them for their contributions in establishing a positive work environment.We recognize and celebrate best practices among our staff and other network providers. We promote the Center within the local community to enhance the organization’s reputation and to encourage support for consumers.